Harley S. Schultz, MD & Vladimir Titov, MD PhD. are now part of the Epic Care Medical Group

                           San Leandro Care Center


  We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with health care and medical services.  It is our goal to be your "medical home" and coordinate all of your health care needs.

The Center Provides both Primary and Specialty Care:


Primary Care Team: 13851 East 14 St., Suite 305, San Leandro, Ca. 94578

Telephone:                                             510 351 1193

email:                                                      [email protected]

Fax:                                                         510 351 6456


Harley Schultz, MD Internal Medicine

Vladimir Titov, MD, PhD Internal Medicine

Wisal Fare, PA-C Certified Physician's Assistant

Kruthika Proddatoori, MD., Internal Medicine

Jane Wardzinska, MD, general practice  510 895 8700

Chris Weahunt, RD, CDE, Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator


Specialty Team: 13851 East 14 St., Suite 308, San Leandro, Ca. 94578


Shwetha Anand, MD, Endocrinology                                    510 351 1193

Susan Eile, MD, Cardiology                                                  510 483 2377

Anthony Chan, MD, General Surgery                                   510 357 7141

Sara Reinganum, MD, General and Breast Surgery             510 357 7141

Qaser Niaz, MD Hematology-Oncology                                510 483 2555

Srikanth Reddy, MD, Hematology-Oncology                        510 483 2555

Tyler Kang, MD, Hematology-Oncology                               510 483 2555









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Dr. Schultz

Dr. Titov

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