When you enroll with our practice, you should receive a packet of information, including a brochure about our practice.

The packet will also contain some forms to fill out that will expedite your first visit. We will ask you to provide information about you (address, phone number, e mail, etc.), Insurance information, and your prior medical history. We will also ask you to provide contact information and a signed release of your prior medical records so that we do not duplicate prior services and have a more complete picture of your medical needs.

Should you choose to mail the packet back in advance of your visit, our staff will be able to enter much of the information in our medical records system, which will save both you and the doctor time at your appointment.


At the first appointment you will be asked to check in with our receptionist who double checks your information. Our Medical Assistant will then call you for measurement of your height, weight, blood pressure and pulse rate and escort you to an examination room.


The doctor (or Physicians Assistant) will introduce themselves and discuss your concerns and obtain a pertinent medical history. Depending on your needs and desires, or if you are experiencing an illness, you may have an examination to address immediate needs.


In general, we will schedule you for another appointment for a comprehensive evaluation of all of your conditions. You may expect that to take an hour or more in our office. In general, we will arrange for laboratory testing to be done in advance of that visit so we can have results available for you at the time of your appointment. Often we will expect to perform this evaluation after receiving your medical records from your previous caregivers. In our experience, this can take up to a month. If you have had such an evaluation recently, we may not feel it necessary to perform another one just after your enrollment.  As per industry standards and office policy, any visit involving professional services will result in a fee.


For Medicare beneficiaries, we perform “Wellness Evaluations” as well. This is a benefit under the “Affordable Care Act” (the recent health care reform law).


Occasional patients will wish to have the comprehensive evaluation done on the initial visit.  We prefer that you have your initial office visit PRIOR to your comprehensive evaluation because we have found that we can perform  a more complete, organized  visit if we have had a prior introductory visit to collect your data and arrange for the proper array of laboratory testing and have obtained your prior medical records for review.